May's Community Calendar

Cultural Classes, Red Road, ICWA meeting, Title VI Tutoring, Tobacco Coalition, Reading Day

April 2022 Newsletter

Waste/Recycling, Waste Characterization, Water, Drought, Transportation, Tobacco Breathe Again

RVR Election Committee

Apply to be on the Election Committee by March 11th, 2022

February Art Classes Schedule & Contacts

Pomo Song, Top Knot & Back Pieces, Beading Classes

February's Community Calendar

Meetings, Arts & Crafts, Top Knot & Back Pieces Class, Beading Class, Pomo Song Class, Tobacco Coalition, ICWA Coalition,  Title VI Academic Meeting, Council Meeting

December's Community Calendar

Meetings, Arts & Crafts, Kajukenbo, Red Road, Title VI Academic Meetings, Council Meeting

November's Community Calendar

Meetings, Arts & Crafts, Kajukenbo, Red Road, Title VI Academic Meetings, Council Meeting

NOTICE: Firewood Available to RVR Tribal Members

Oak - Cut to rounds, not split. One truckload

October's Community Calendar

Red Road, Kajukenbo, Youth Council, ICWA Coalition, Arts & Crafts, and more...

September 2021

Keywords: Waste Characterization, Recycling, Fire Season Preparedness, Air Quality, Water Conservation, New Staff

June 2021

Keywords: Solid Waste, Water Conservation, Transportation, Fire Season, Graduates, New Employees, Events

February 2021

Transportation Safety Plan, Handrails, Water Quality, Winter Conditions, Library, Drought

August 2020

Keywords: Air Quality, Tank Road, Safety Plan, 319 Grant, Septic Tank, Learning Center Calendar

July 2020

Keywords: Vegetation Management, Solid Waste, Clean Water Act, Race Track, Sewer Line Repairs, Air Quality Program, Calendar, Census.

June 2020

Keywords: Air Quality Program, Wildfire Smoke versus Virus Particles, N95 masks, Race Track/Clean Water Progress, Calendar, Reduce-Reuse-Recycle

May 2020

Keywords: Pandemic Response, Disinfecting Products, Guest Restrictions, New Generator for Building B and Wastewater System, May Calendar, Census

April 2020

Keywords: Pandemic News, Evacuation Plan Progress, Water Coordinator Position, Generator, April Calendar, Census

March 2020

Keywords: Mendo County HazMobile, Tribal Transportation Safety Plan, Gate, MLSTEP Meeting at RVR, Planting over Septic Tanks/Utilities, March Calendar, Census Incentives

February 2020

Keywords: Air Quality and Wildfires, Problems in the Recycling Industry,  Removal of Trees on Tank Road, Sediment Removal on Road I, New Generator, Litter Clean-up, February Calendar, Census

January 2020

Keywords: Solid Waste, Census, January Calendar

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Earlier Newsletters