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The Redwood Valley Rancheria Victim Assistance Program provides direct services to Tribal members who are victims of crime and facilitates referrals to supportive services, including transportation, assistance with housing applications and emergency housing.



Mayloni Mendoza, Victim Assistance Coordinator        

Carla Gutierrez Village Learning Center/Building B

3250 Road I, Redwood Valley CA 95470

Phone: (707) 485-0361, Ext. 122

Confidential Mobile: (707) 380-5598


RVR VAP Brochure 1.png

What Is Domestic Violence?

RVR VAP Brochure 2.png

Learn More

If you or somebody you know needs help or wants to learn more about the Redwood Valley Rancheria

Victim Assistance Program, please click below.

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