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Requests For Proposals

RFP -  Spatial Viewer

Redwood Valley Rancheria is requesting proposals from qualified vendors for the development, implementation, & training of a web-based, configurable, spatial viewer capable of connecting to both spatial & non-spatial data that meets the geospatial visualization needs of the Tribal Environmental Department (TED). Viewer may be off-the-shelf or custom. The product should provide a means within a map-based interface to interactively view, query, & analyze TED data that is stored within the Tribal Water Quality Database (TWQD), or within their GIS geodatabase. The TWQD is a SQL database that uses the same schema as the EPA’s Water Quality Data Exchange (WQX). Core functionality should also include

configurable forms & reports. The software should be geared towards ease of use by office, field personnel & the public. The viewer must also include a means for local administrators to administer & configure current & future environmental datasets that may be input into the TWQD. 

** Addendum 2/25/2022 - We are extending question period. Questions due by 3/02/2022.

**Addendum 3/07/2022 - We are extending the submission period to 3/11/2022 - 9:00 AM.

Thank you for your interest!

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